~$ sudo apt-get

Display SAN information with powermt

by on May.28, 2009, under Linux, Server

powermt display dev=all

This will display all information relevant to connected SAN devices.

# powermt
powermt [class=all|clariion|ess|hitachi|hphsx|hpxp|invista|symm]

powermt check [force] [hba=|all] [dev=|all]
powermt check_registration
powermt config
powermt disable hba=
powermt display nonvirtual {dev=|all} [every=<#seconds>] [class=invista|all]
powermt display [ports] [dev=|all] [every=<#seconds>]
powermt display hba_mode
powermt display latency [dev=|all] [every=<#seconds>]
powermt display options
powermt display paths [every=<#seconds>] [width=<#col>]
powermt display port_mode
powermt display unmanaged
powermt enable hba=
powermt load [file=]
powermt manage {dev= | class=}
powermt release
powermt remove [force] hba=|all | dev=|all
powermt restore [hba=|all] [dev=|all]
powermt save [file=]
powermt set mode=active|standby [hba=|all] [dev=|all]
powermt set path_latency_monitor=on|off
powermt set path_latency_threshold=
powermt set periodic_autorestore=on|off
powermt set policy={ad|bf|co|lb|li|nr|re|rr|so} [dev=|all]
powermt set port_disable={true|false} dev=
powermt set priority= [dev=|all]
powermt unmanage {dev= | class=}
powermt update lun_names
powermt version

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