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Modified Apache Summary – Top 100 Files and IPs

by on Mar.27, 2009, under Apache, Linux

TOPFILES=100;TOPIPS=100;DATE=`date +%d.%b.%Y:%H`;for i in `lsof -p $(netstat -ltpn|awk '$4 ~ /:80$/ {print 
substr($7,1,index($7,"/")-1)}'|head -1)| awk '$9 ~ /access.log$/ {print $9| "sort -u"}'` ;  do echo "-------"$i"------"$DATE; 
awk '$4 ~ /^.'$DATE'/ {day=substr($4,2,2);hour=substr($4,14,2);sixth=substr($4,17,1); 
hit[day"t"hour"."sixth"0 - "hour"."sixth"9"]++;ip[$1]++;bytes[day"t"hour"."sixth"0 - "hour"."sixth"9"]+=$10; 
flds=split($7, req, ///);toss=split(req[flds],fn,/?/);files[fn[1]]++ } END { for (i in hit) 
{ print hit[i]"t"i"t"sprintf("%2.2d",bytes[i]/1024)"K"|"sort -k 3,3n"}; print "";for (i in ip) { if(ip[i] > '$TOPIPS') 
{ print ip[i]"t"i|"sort -n;echo """}}; for (i in files) { if(files[i] > '$TOPFILES') {print files[i], i|"sort -k 1,1n;echo """}} }' 

Original one-liner would not work with directives specifying IPs to listen on versus

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