~$ sudo apt-get


Display Physical Memory in Server

by on Nov.13, 2009, under Linux, Server

The following is useful in the event that the wrong version (32 vs 64bit) of linux or non-SMP/PAE kernel is installed and you’d like to verify how much RAM physically is in the server.

dmidecode | awk '/\tSize: [0-9]+ MB/ {SUM=SUM+$2} END {print SUM}'

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Display SAN information with powermt

by on May.28, 2009, under Linux, Server

powermt display dev=all

This will display all information relevant to connected SAN devices.

# powermt
powermt [class=all|clariion|ess|hitachi|hphsx|hpxp|invista|symm]

powermt check [force] [hba=|all] [dev=|all]
powermt check_registration
powermt config
powermt disable hba=
powermt display nonvirtual {dev=|all} [every=<#seconds>] [class=invista|all]
powermt display [ports] [dev=|all] [every=<#seconds>]
powermt display hba_mode
powermt display latency [dev=|all] [every=<#seconds>]
powermt display options
powermt display paths [every=<#seconds>] [width=<#col>]
powermt display port_mode
powermt display unmanaged
powermt enable hba=
powermt load [file=]
powermt manage {dev= | class=}
powermt release
powermt remove [force] hba=|all | dev=|all
powermt restore [hba=|all] [dev=|all]
powermt save [file=]
powermt set mode=active|standby [hba=|all] [dev=|all]
powermt set path_latency_monitor=on|off
powermt set path_latency_threshold=
powermt set periodic_autorestore=on|off
powermt set policy={ad|bf|co|lb|li|nr|re|rr|so} [dev=|all]
powermt set port_disable={true|false} dev=
powermt set priority= [dev=|all]
powermt unmanage {dev= | class=}
powermt update lun_names
powermt version

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Total memory usage by Apache processes

by on May.13, 2009, under Apache, Linux, Server

ps ax | grep httpd | awk '{ print $1 }' | xargs pmap -x | awk '{ SUM += $2 } END { print SUM }'
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